Sachi Skin Pro Resilience Serum


Targets crow’s feet, signs of ageing and stress

Provides antioxidant support

Delivers intense hydration

Soothes, firms and plumps

Targets redness, irritation and post-sun damage

Supports healthy skin barrier

Vegan, cruelty-free, fragrance-free, sustainably sourced

Formulated to respect melanated, sensitive skin, this pro-healing formula was created to focus on concerns of signs of ageing, dehydration, irritation, post-sun damage and reactive skin states. The proprietary 10.5% Ayurvedic Bioflavonoid Repair Complex, Multi Molecular Hydrators and Peptide Technology activates skin resilience by powering it with antioxidants and multi-nutrients. During the day, the serum works to reinforce the skin barrier, to help protect against sun damage. It also soothes sensitive and reactive skin states. During the night, the serum enhances our skin’s natural repair process, targeting fine lines, wrinkles, post-sun damage and uneven tone. We wanted to create a true skin saviour, designed to help your skin help itself.


All skin types and tones, but especially for those with easily irritated, reactive, premature ageing, sensitive, photo damaged, uneven, hyperpigmented and reddened skin states. We highly recommend this for melanated skins who are often more easily prone to inflammatory skin conditions.


Lightweight. It’s an oil free fluid.


1-2 weeks
Immediately, your skin feels hydrated, plump, calm and moisturised.
Dry and dehydrated skins will feel less parched, post-sun skin will feel calmer, and reactive skin states will feel soothed. You’ll notice that your skin looks radiant and healthier.
2-8 weeks
Your skin feels even less reactive and more calm. At this stage, texture improves visibly: dehydrated skins feels more balanced and oily skins feel moisturised as skin balance is gradually restored.
12 weeks / 3 months +
Over time, the antioxidants and peptides will keep working to support skin firmness, elasticity, collagen and repair. This will bring your skin back to a state of balance and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Apply 1-2 pumps in the palm of your hand and massage into your clear skin. Use it on your face, neck and chest. Use twice daily (AM/PM). Allow the treatment to fully absorb into the skin before proceeding to put on moisturiser.


“Over the years, I have layered a few serums to support skin strength, plumpness, and to prevent and manage irritation, as well as creeping expression lines. This created product overload: I had a hydrating serum, a phyto calming serum, an elastine serum, a peptide booster, and an evening advanced night repair serum. Even then, another bout of anxiety would kick in. Was I still missing an essential ingredient? The goal of the Pro Resilience Serum was to combine several existing serums into one. I focused on antioxidants, peptides, anti-redness, repair, barrier, and post-suncare in an oil-free formulation, to enable synchronisation with collagening stimulating LED devices. All of this was to boost skin resilience in one easy step. I’m proud of having created an efficient formulation, good for your skin and for the planet. Enjoy.” – xx Farah