Beautology Cryo Toning Tools


Thermal water technology and a stainless steel ergonomic massaging shape combine the benefits of cryotherapy and lymphatic drainage to contour, lift and detoxify skin for a sculpted, firmer, snatched appearance.


Cold facial therapy stimulates micro-circulation, collagen production, and vascular constriction to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, tighten pores, decrease inflammation, and plump skin.

Lymphatic facial massage helps drain excess fluid and toxins to tone muscles, lift facial features, reduce puffiness, smooth lines, control breakouts, even skin tone, and alleviate headaches and allergies.

Our skin’s response to cold therapy massage also helps deliver ingredients into deeper layers of our skin. Comes with a travel bag so you can take these pro-tools and get snatched results on-the-go.

Stainless Steel, Non-Porous, Anti-Bacterial, Ergonomic Silicon Handle, Travel Bag, Freezer Safe, Recyclable Packaging

How To Use

Cleanse face and apply routine serums, creams, and face oil for glide.

Remove Cryo Toning Tools from the refrigerator or freezer (allow to sit 5 minutes out of freezer before use).

Using gentle pressure, start by opening the lymphatic system and then move up through the neck and face from the center sweeping tools outwards and downwards towards the lymphatic drainage points.

Repeat motions on both sides along the contours of the jawbone, cheekbones, brow brows, forehead, undereyes, and nasolabial areas for 5-10 minutes.

Tools can be used anytime of day and recommended on a daily basis for maximum benefits.

To clean, wash tools with gentle soap and water or sanitizer and towel dry after each use.